Posts from December 2018

2018 – What a year! 
This year I will be entering my 4th year of working for myself! In some ways it doesn’t feel as long as that but in others it feels twice as long! If you work for yourself you will know exactly what I mean. It has been a steep learning curve and I am sure there is still plenty more to learn yet! 
One of my top learning points is to look back at the last year and previous years and write a list of all the things you have achieved. It’s kind of a Reverse Bucket list! It can be a very rewarding exercise; as human beings we tend to focus on the things we’ve yet to achieve rather than giving ourselves credit for the goals we have already met. 
The gap between Christmas and New Year can be a bit of a none event! Like no man’s land, no one really wants to do much. I thought I would use the time to reflect a little myself. I thought I would share some of my experiences this year and maybe it will inspire you to do the same. I have really enjoyed this exercise and it has left me with a real sense of gratitude. I have been very fortunate to have some really great experiences and share some successes with clients too! 
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