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In fact, food is essential to life! Without it we can’t function. This is a bit of a Blinding Flash of the Obvious otherwise known as a BFO! 
So why is it we deny ourselves food when we know we need it? When we feel bad about ourselves or how we look the first thing we often do is say “I am going on a diet”, or “I am a fat cow and I need to stop being such a piggy!” We aren’t exactly kind to ourselves, are we? And I am as guilty of it as the next person! 
I had a lovely coaching session with a client this morning, it was all about getting the fuel right. Like lots of people she was confused about the right amount to eat, skipping meals, not eating breakfast. Only eating tiny amounts as she has no appetite. After weighing her with my body composition scales and explaining to her how our metabolisms work she now understands the importance of getting the right fuel in. If you want a toned and firmer body you need to provide the muscles with the fuel to grow lean muscle. This increases your metabolic rate, in other words you burn more calories when you are not doing anything! 
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