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New Year New Challenge... 
At the start of each year lots of people make New Years Resolutions, I am not really a big believer in the New Year New You philosophy. The main reason is that it gives the impression that there is something wrong with who you are already, you don’t need to be fixed and you are enough! We are all capable of achieving whatever we put our minds to. There is no need to change who we are we just need to know that we all have the ability to realise our dreams. All we need is the courage to take the steps towards whatever they may be. 
Lead by example... 
As a Coach it’s important to reflect on yourself, lead by example, how can you inspire others to do the same if you’re not doing it yourself? 
After Christmas last year (2018) I found myself thinking of how I could challenge myself, what could I do to help me learn what my full potential is, how could I grow as an individual, as a Coach, as a Mum and as a friend? I believe you don’t really find out how brave, strong or capable you are until this is put to the test. We grow as individuals in times of adversity when the going gets tough we get tougher, we learn new things and we get stronger. The smaller things that scared us before no longer bother us because we have been through tougher times. I don’t think you should make your life hard intentionally that would be a bit silly – but I do think there is a lesson to be learned from all things we experience in life both good and bad. After all the bad can be good if you have learned something from it! 
Unfinished Business... 
I wrote a reverse bucket list of everything I had achieved in 2018. It was a great exercise of reflection and it inspired me to think further back to 5 years ago when I had trained for The Chester Marathon. I got up to 18 miles and developed tendonitis and was forced to drop out. I had a choice of carrying on and making it worse or resting so I could still do my job. Rest it was. I kind of fell out with running after that – it put me right off! So there was unfinished business here. Before I could back out of the idea I found the first UK marathon I came across, The Manchester Marathon, I registered and paid right away – no turning back! 
Yes the children have finally gone back to school! I understand that not everyone has children but it does seem to be a marker in the calendar from a health and fitness perspective! I guess that is because of the change in the weather, most people have had their annual summer holiday and is getting back into the swing of their routine again. Well that is certainly the case for me! 
And like everyone else I have over indulged a little (well it has just been my birthday – that’s no excuse by the way!) I have definitely put on some weight not just muscle either I have a little too much fat too! 
But what has this got to do with a line? Well this is about something my business coach has taught me and it applies to all aspects of life not just my business! The line I am talking about is The Line of Choice! 
A common problem for us all. 
This came up yesterday whilst training my client Louise. Louise has been with me a year now and really enjoys her sessions. She is much fitter and is maintaining her current weight. However, she feels she has plateaued and still not entirely happy with how she looks. She told me “I still do not like myself in trousers they just don’t fit like they should”. 
All the small things! 
After seeing my video on social media about my 28 day plans it made her look her eating habits again. “I admit they have slipped” she said. I asked her why she felt they had slipped. Louise said, “I just, over indulged at the weekends, have the odd glass of wine in the week and snack here and there”. It does not sound like much, it’s just what we all do, but it’s the small things over time that add up. 
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