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After training my client this evening I have felt inspired to write about why it is actually a really good thing to not be ok and recognise you’re not ok! The moment you become aware that you are not ok is the moment you can take steps to change. 
We all tend to say to everyone else and even more so to ourselves that yeah, I’m alright. Its normal to be unhappy and dissatisfied with work, life, body shape, fitness, financial situations or whatever your gripe may be. Its common to hear well everyone else has the same problems, I’m not the only one! Then we just settle for our lot. Make our beds and sleep in it. We play the victim to life and circumstances and wallow in our own little world and think is this as good as it gets!? 
Sometimes we feel everything is going wrong for us as we as so unwilling to address our unhappiness that we attract more of the same and end up being even more unhappy. The law of attraction is a powerful thing be careful what you wish for as you may just get it. I know you are all thinking I have not wished for negative to things to happen, but our minds only recognise the thoughts we have. For example, I once reversed my car into a skip. The skip had been outside my house for a whole week, so I knew it was there. I remember thinking I bet I reverse into that soon if its not moved! The next day I did exactly that at 5.30am, it was dark and I was on my way out to a bikini posing camp in London! I smashed the rear light and needed a new back wing and tail gate. Another insurance claim!! ARGGGHHH 
The only person you should compare yourself with is yourself! 
If you follow me on social media, you will realise I am a bikini competitor and I have been competing since 2014. Since then I have changed so much both physically and mentally. 
When I did my first competition I had absolutely no clue of what I was doing but I did it anyway! I constantly was comparing myself with other girls on social media who were also doing the competition and other Fitness and bikini models I was aspiring to be like. Don’t get me wrong it’s great to get inspiration from others and very important to surround yourself with others of similar goals and values but it’s a different thing entirely to compare yourself and your body to anyone else! 
I know it’s a bit cliché but the only person you should compare yourself with is yourself! Everybody is different, has different background and circumstances and environments to work with and in. Also every BODY is different, genetics play a huge factor in how we all lose or gain weight and build muscle, we are all different height, shapes and have different leg lengths! So, it is impossible to be like anyone else so don’t try to be. 
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