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Gail Arnold, Driffield 
When I finally discovered Bootcamp with Katherine, it was really tough but the more sessions I did; I started to really enjoy them. My fitness levels improved immensely and I started noticing a change in my shape really quickly. After having 4 children, my ‘wobbly bits’ were a big problem for me but these have almost disappeared. Katherine also trains me in my one to one sessions, she is a tough, fun trainer but this is what you need to get the results. I have toned up so much since training with her for 8 weeks and will certainly be keeping it up!! 
Symone I'Anson, Driffield 
Since meeting Katherine a couple of years ago at Woldsway to Health, she has not only boosted my fitness through her bootcamp, legs bums and tums classes and 1-2-1 sessions but she’s also boosted my confidence no end! She has opened my eyes to the number of different workouts; it never gets boring training with her. Katherine has helped and supported me through a number of cycling and running challenges over the past couple of years that I would never dreamed possible. I couldn’t have done it without her pushing me! 
Di Clixby, Cottingham 
Katherine inspired me so much and gave me encouragement all the way. Her bootcamps were hard work but very enjoyable, she helped me to lose 4 stone in a year. She was always interested to know how much weight I had lost every week and she pushed me hard but without her help I wouldn’t have succeeded. Thank you Katherine 
Tim Pratt, Driffield 
In 2014 I watched some very good friends compete in Triathlon events. This inspired to me to also give it a go and approaching 50 this year it was a great challenge. So I started open water swimming, biking and running. I also joined Katherine’s Bootcamp in December 2014 and more than anything else it really improved my core strength and will to keep going. This was very evident when in July 2015 I completed a Steelman Triathlon. The last 6 miles of the run were tough and it was the thought of Katherine pushing us on in Bootcamp that gave me the strength and belief that the finish line wasn’t that far away. Katherine’s Bootcamp is a great way to get mentally and physically fitter and as I have seen for myself people of all ages shapes and sizes have had great fun in the process. You also make some wonderful new friends. Thanks Katherine 
Alison Sweeting, Driffield 
Before meeting Katherine I got a little bored with doing the same exercises and routine classes, I seemed to be stuck in a rut and was not achieving anything. However, since meeting her she has inspired me to put variety in my training programme, with the one to one sessions, Katherine has made me push myself harder and lift heavier which I would never have done before. The boot camp classes that Katherine runs are inspirational. Unlike the local sports centre classes, every class is different, keeping you interested and motivated. I finish every class feeling like I’ve achieved something, even though I look like I’ve just had a shower with my gym kit on!!! I now have more definition in my muscles, my stamina has increased and I feel stronger when running and cycling. My back pain has ceased and I have remained injury free for the longest period of time I can remember. 
Ian Wilson, Driffield 
As a man over fifty years old, overweight and unfit the thought of doing one of Katherine’s bootcamps was very daunting, but Katherine’s enthusiasm and passion for exercise is very inspiring! After I attended regular Bootcamps my fitness levels and self-confidence have increased massively. Not only the bootcamps but her 1-2-1 training designed by her specifically for me helped me improve my fitness and generally total body tone. Since training with Katherine I have lost 1 ½ stone in weight. All this has given me great confidence to take challenges like running The Dalby Dash, a 10k run that I am delighted to say I did in under an hour! I also cycled the Coast to Coast in a Day with her, 150 miles starting in Seascales and finishing in Whitby in June and more recently The London Prudential 100. 
Helen Flintoft, Driffield 
I decided it was time for a change. I wanted that bikini body for summer. Katherine gave me the kick up the bum I needed. I really enjoy my training now, I never know what she's has got in store for my session. Katherine has given me the motivation to eat right with her help and support. I've lost inches and toned up in all the right places, it definitely beats endless hours of running and cycling on my own! 
Helen, age 43, Driffield 
Sarah Waine, Driffield 
I have trained with Katherine for the last two years at Wolds Way to Health. I had recently hit a ‘milestone’ age, returned from six months of global travel and had promised myself that I was going to be a fit fifty and not a fat one. Katherine has helped me not only to achieve my goal, loose the pounds, but keep myself toned and trim. I feel great in my clothes and can only put this down to the work out I get every week from legs bums and tums and boot camp. Thanks Katherine for a good job done. 
Tony Page, Driffield 
Thank you Kathy. Thanks to your patience and training techniques I have just managed to handle and fit all most half a ton of lead on my own in 3 days. I feel fitter and more flexible than I have in years at 71 years old I can now touch my toes. Being active is really important to me and your sessions have helped me remain that way! Thanks again, Tony. Retired lead roofer. 
Rachael Briggs 
Training with Kathy is like going for a brew with a great friend only burning calories and getting sweaty! I hired Kathy as I had lost all enthusiasm for exercise after completing my PGCE and I was in search for someone to inspire me to love exercising again and someone who could show me lots of different workouts that I could do independently at home and also in the gym. I felt unfit and wanted someone to help me find the confidence I once had to get up and work-out or go for a run and not shy away in my house. 
After the first couple of sessions with Kathy I already felt stronger and even though I would ache for days after, it felt so good to be getting somewhere with 
exercise. I have always wanted to run but struggled with a simple 4K until I met Kathy. Since beginning running with her, I now feel confident to go out on my own and I do not worry about what others think. 
The best thing about training with Kathy is the element of surprise. She never lets on what the next session will be! And for me, that was a great way to train. Instead of knowing what was coming up next and worrying about it, I was able to attack the session with all systems go (most of the time!) 
It's a really great way to train if you have a very busy lifestyle. I am a Teacher and my days are long and exhausting so going to the gym after that is not something I want to do! However, Kathy brings the gym to you. So no excuses. She comes and bounces through the door with enthusiasm and oozes inspiration so you have no choice but to smile and find some energy from somewhere! She also does her best so work around you and books sessions at your convenience as best she can. 
Half way through my programme with Kathy, I really began to feel fitter- whether it was running, or a kettle bell programme in the garden. I felt strong again which was my aim. The best thing is seeing friends that I had not seen for a while and seeing my boyfriend who works away in the army and for them to say wow Rachael you look really amazing! Toned and strong is definitely the new skinny and Kathy can definitely help anyone get there! I now feel confident to walk into a gym and train, or go for a run on my own and then do a circuit in my back garden and it feels so good! Or go training with my boyfriend or friends as I feel confident and fit! Thank you Kathy! 
Karen Falcus, Driffield 
My aim was to tone up and after 4 sessions of one to one with a plan for the week in the gym I have ... Katherine has increased my motivation and supported my progress .having never lifted weights before I now know the difference between barbells and Dumbbells and have gained confidence in the gym . People are now commenting on the change in my shape. Karen (49) 
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