Losing 12 lbs in just over three weeks, becoming more aware of what they are eating and seeing their shape change for the better in just this short space of time. 
These are just some of the successes-so-far of the first ladies to sample my new online ‘6 Weeks to a Better You’ exercise programme. 
I’m so utterly chuffed with what these women have achieved, I couldn’t resist sharing it, in the hope it will inspire others. 
They are living proof that it is possible to look and feel better, quickly, with some professional guidance and a little self-discipline. 
So, just who are these people? 
In short, they are just ordinary ladies who’ve fallen into a few bad habits that have prevented them from being at their best for a while. 
Clare Ebison, Health & Safety Officer, runs her own business advising businesses in the construction and healthcare sectors on health & safety issues. She joined my 6-week plan because she needed a little extra help and support to set her on the path to feeling better about herself. 
“I didn’t like the fact that I’d become fat and unfit, and I wanted to like herself again,” she said. 
“I’ve been fit before and I want to be that way again.” 
Asked to describe the programme in three words, Clare, 33, from Whitby, said ‘easy to follow’. 
“Katherine provides nuggets of advice that are easy to incorporate into your daily life. Because her plan isn’t too strict, it fits in with my lifestyle,” she added. 
“My biggest discovery is realising how much I pick! Making a food diary made me realise how much I was eating that I wasn’t even aware of. I’m now much more mindful of the choices I make.” 
By following the exercises I set and being a little more disciplined over food, Clare has lost 12lbs in under four weeks, making her the biggest loser so far from the group. 
“The exercises are easy to follow and for the most part enjoyable,” she continued. “I’m not a fan of lunges but I realise the benefit of doing them so I’ve stuck at it!” 
Clare said she is also really enjoying cooking her food from scratch – something I actively encourage as an important anchor for a healthier lifestyle. As a result, she’s enjoying what she eats much more than the ‘packaged rubbish’ that formed part of her diet before. 
“I do miss eating sweet stuff, but having the odd dessert now and again when I go out for a meal is a real treat now and I appreciate far more than I did before,” she concluded. 
“I have used a personal trainer in the past and it did work for me, but this plan has allowed me access to Katherine’s good, down-to-earth, gimmick-free advice for a fraction of the cost. 
“I love it as it holds me accountable and gives me the support I need to help me succeed! After losing 12lb so far, I couldn’t be happier!” 
Meanwhile, 19-year-old Sophie Hodgson, a cleaner from West Lutton, near Malton, says she had just become too ‘comfortable’ and had started putting on weight. 
Sophie, who loves her horses and walking her dogs, was finding that nothing was working when it came to keeping the weight off, and she particularly needed help with her eating habits. 
“I’m finding the programme all good so far,” she said. “Katherine’s guidance and the recipes we’re sharing as a group are making me realise that healthy food isn’t that bad after all. I’m actually even enjoying it!” 
Sophie’s hardest challenge has been having to drink three litres of water a day. As a tall girl, she needs more than most ladies. 
She’s been really surprised by the number of pounds she’s losing each week (at a steady rate of 2lb after coming to a stand-still) and can tell her body is changing shape already! 
“I feel good,” she added. “The healthy food and exercise are making me feel so much better! 
Asked to sum up her experience of the programme in three words, she said ‘learning, challenging, focused’. 
“I’ve discovered I can lose weight after all this time of trying, with the right balance of food and sensible eating,” she concluded. 
“I love the floor exercises Katherine prescribes for my tummy and legs and the biggest changes I’ve made as a result of the programme are eating better food and drinking much more water. 
“I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing even more results!” 
Girl power 
The really heartwarming aspect of this group, from my perspective, is the sense of camaraderie and mutual support between the ladies taking part. 
In addition to my regular guidance and support, they’ve been swapping ideas, recipes and stories of aches and pains – as well as generally buoying each other up when they need a little extra inspiration. 
With a little luck, they’ll have discovered some valuable new friendships, as well as slimmer waistlines! 
Inspired by their stories? 
I’m preparing to launch my next ‘6 weeks to a better you’ online programme. So, if you think you too could benefit from some of the lifestyle changes Clare and Sophie have described, why not give it a go? At £99, you could enjoy many of the benefits of personal training, in the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the price. It works out at just over £2 per day over the six weeks, and could introduce you to ‘better you’ and long term lifestyle change as a result. Click here to sign up now! 
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