Are your personal gremlins holding you back? Take a look at these… 
• I’d like to exercise but I can’t because of X, Y and Z 
• I’ve lost weight before through dieting but I can’t keep it off 
• I don’t have the confidence to get fit 
• I’m not very strong/flexible/co-ordinated 
• I’m worried that I’ll look silly exercising in public. 
If you think one or more of the above sounds like you, they probably are. But the good news is, you’ve taken the first step towards overcoming your inner demons, simply by recognising they exist. 
I believe if you say you CAN’T do something, you WON’T do it, it’s as simple as that. The same is true in reverse.  
What you need is a change of mindset, to take control of the voices in your head. Embracing this will change your life, for the better, forever. 

Lasting health starts from within 

I’ve been a personal trainer for six years now and I’ve noticed a few trends in that time. 
The most marked are around people’s reasons for commissioning me as their personal trainer. 
Their starting point is usually wanting to lose weight, fit into ‘that dress’, get fitter or feel better. 
Without fail, though, these kinds of goals are just the symptoms of something else in their lives that they’re not happy with. Yet this only begins to surface as we work through systematic changes to their diet and fitness. 
Having witnessed this so many times, I’ve decided to develop a unique new programme which fast tracks that recognition of what’s wrong, so that they can change their mindsets and lifestyles as quickly as possible, and forever. 
Staring those inner demons down 
‘I can’t do that’, ‘I don’t have the staying power’, ‘I’ve tried and failed at diets and fitness in the past’. 
Sound familiar? 
They should because these are the kinds of things those little demons in our heads mutter constantly. 
Listening to them prevents us from being – or staying – our best, resulting in choices like ‘I might as well eat that bun or that biscuit because I can’t keep the weight off so what difference does it make?’ 
However, identifying and then facing up to these self-limiting beliefs is the route to a long term better us. 

So how is all of this relevant to personal training? 

What drives me to do what I do, is helping people to embrace fitness as a pathway to the life they love. 
But to enable them to fight and keep off the flab, have more energy and boost their confidence, with LASTING results, I have to help them work on themselves from the inside out. 
That’s why I’ve teamed up with award-winning performance and life coach Kirsty Bortoft, to offer our ’12 Week Inside-Out Habit Breaker’ programme. This focuses on helping participants to pinpoint what is holding them back, and then develop strategies for overcoming it. 
A better version of you – FOREVER! 
Kirsty and I are offering a half-day taster seminar at Beiderbecke’s Hotel, The Crescent, Scarborough, YO11 2PW, on Monday 9 January, from 9am to 1pm. 
Tickets cost just £20 (£30 for two) and those taking part will: 
• Get to the bottom of the negative vibes that are holding them back 
• Create a plan for beating outward physical issues into submission, permanently 
• Learn how to break bad habits and adopt new ones 
• Gain life changing tools to help them get fit and feel great about themselves FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. 
Don’t delay, only a limited number of places available. Click HERE to reserve your place 
For more details call Katherine on 07942 897323 or Kirsty 07807 029615 
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