Do you want to lose weight and stay that way? 
Imagine if you knew how to keep the weight off forever! 
What if I told you its already inside you to be able to do this but bad habits that you’ve created are blocking you? 
It's your mindset that is stopping you, the daft excuses you tell yourself everyday! 
Such as: 
• I can’t lose weight, because my job is so sedentary I can’t exercise enough 
• I can’t change my diet as I am too addicted to chocolate 
• I need to drink because it helps me relax. 
• I am over weight because of my genetics. 
The list of things we tell ourselves is endless! 
The point is you have to WANT to CHANGE!  
The pain or discomfort you feel has to out weigh the pleasure you get from maintaining your current lifestyle. 
Since I started competing and before this I have really noticed the difference between when I eat something that’s good for me and when I eat something that isn’t so good for me! 
I have been “clean eating” for a long time now but in the run up to a competition it gets stricter and stricter the nearer the comp gets. I ban myself from booze, chocolate, cake, sweets crisps nuts. Even white potato, rice bread and pasta goes too! It is tough at first but I soon adjust to increasing my vegetables and protein. 
The benefit of this is that I get lean and find I rarely get any bloating as I’m not eating anything processed. My digestive system works well and I get very regular!!  
Its all that fibre! So I feel great!  
Although with the calorie deficit to get so lean I am sometimes a bit hungry. 
So, I’ve why I have done another competition and plan on doing a whole lot more! 
Things are finally settling down after this weekends competition down in London! For those of you who are not aware I competed in a National Fitness Model Competition, The FMC (Fitness Model Comps.  
I am very happy to tell you I came 3rd in my Category of Bikini Diva, earning my Elite Pro Athlete Card! I am so happy I placed as this is my 5th time doing a competition like this and each time I feel I improve. It is so gratifying to get recognition for all my efforts from a Fitness Federation like this one although it is not the whole reason why I compete. 
It’s a question I am asked regularly, why do I choose to put myself through all that prep? The restricted diet and gruelling training regime are tough, but I just love the whole process! Sounds bonkers I know and for people that know me well this comes as no surprise, but I love it because it is that hard! 
Strutting about a stage in a bejewelled bikini, you might think I’m the most confident of people. 
Or ‘one of those body beautifuls’ that love parading themselves in front of an audience. 
Yet the reality is, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 
I recently took part in my latest fitness challenge – the Pure Elite Championships Bikini and Bodybuilding Contest, in Margate. 
As anyone who follows my social media feeds will know, I did indeed don a sparkly bikini and high heels. 
But as anyone who knows me will know, this kind of thing is emphatically NOT within my comfort zone. 
The motivation behind me doing so was much more deep-rooted, and less superficial than that. 
How many times in the past week has someone asked you how you are? 
What were your answers? 
I’d hazard a guess they included a mix of ‘not bad’, ‘okay’ and – talk about damning with faint praise – ‘fine’. 
Ring a bell? Thought so. 
So, think about this for a minute. Why didn’t you say ‘amazing’? Indeed, have you ever said ‘amazing’, in your whole life? 
You’re not alone, because we are all so British, and as a rule we like to tread the safe middle ground when it comes to social niceties, rather than rocking the boat with a stronger word like ‘rubbish’ or, again, amazing. 
But the trouble with all of this, in my view, is that the word ‘fine’ is in the same league as ‘nice’. It’s meaningless and nine times out of 10 untrue, and therefore we’d be much better off not saying anything in the first place. 
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