We are all conditioned over time to be afraid of failing as by doing so we often feel like we aren’t up to the mark. Like we are not good enough to be doing what we want to do or are unable of reaching our dreams and goals. True for many people how choose to think like that but I have learned that it’s the hardships, knocks and curve balls that life has thrown at me that have made me stronger. Each time life has not worked out as I have expected for me, something better has arrived around the corner. A few times I have lost sight of what is important, and I have received a jolt to reset me back on my destined path! I do believe in fate and I feel I have really found my niche in my career, and I feel incredibly lucky and grateful for all my failures for without them I would not have come as far as I have or be going as far I am! For I have not finished yet by a long shot! 
So, I guess what I am saying is it all a matter of how you view your life situation. As your circumstances do not define who you are as they are just part of your environment and you can always change your environment! You are not a tree you do not have to stay rooted in the same place! So instead of saying to yourself my life is so bad because of your latest curve ball or jolt, I challenge you to flip it and look at your life and see it as an opportunity to grow and evolve into something new and exciting! 
This week I have had 3 girls come to me and tell me they want to compete in a competition with me in September. I am so excited to have a group of girls like this that have been inspired by my journey so much so that they want to join me. It’s the whole reason why I compete: to inspire others to do something that excites them and encourages them to be healthier and take care of themselves, grow and broaden their horizons with new and exciting experiences! I feel so honoured and grateful they have chosen me! 
I tell my clients failure is your friend whilst training and at first, they look at me and think I am bonkers! (Maybe I am a little) This is why I love body building so much! Growth only comes from failure! Muscles only change and grow when they are given a reason to grow! If your muscles can do something easily they wont change! However, if you train them till you fail you are giving your body a reason to change! Life is the same if your life was easy it would just stay the same, which is fine if you are happy but if you want to reach your full potential then you must be prepared for some discomfort, you are going to have to fail at some point to grow, to get stronger both physically and mentally. 
Don’t be afraid to fail be afraid be afraid of not trying and remaining the same! As human beings we are capable of so many wonderful things and we are gifted with life. I challenge you to go out and try something new and fail, then tell me what you learned from it. How would you do it better next time. I bet you will have improved on your next attempts! 
Get out there, there is so much to see, share, love and experience! 
Thanks for reading, Katherine x 
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